Carbon board
The carbon fiber board is a carbon fiber resin matrix composite sheet.

Performance and charateristics

High strength, light weight ,its weight is only 1/5 of the steel.

Acid, alkali and salt resistance.

One-off molding process and winding process

Filament winding is a kind of processing method which winds the continuous fiber or tap dipped with resin on the core model in a certain way by winding machine which can control the tension and winding angle to moulding products of composite materials.

150T ultra-high pressure to increase the fiber content, much lighter and more strength

One-off forming without coating a second time thus better controlling the plate thickness and uniformity.

Surface Finish

Glossy and Matte

The main application

Aviation, models, vehicle modification and metal machine parts processing.

The main size and specifications

Fiber Specifications:1K,3K

Weaving Style:Plain. Twill

Fiber Type: Carbon fiber+carbon fiber, Carbon fiber+ glass fiber, Carbon fiber+aramid fiber

Thickness: Specific thickness can be met according to customer needs)

Operation procedure of carbon fiber special-shape products

Designer puts forward the design concept or design drawing → ANJIE makes the process and design → ANJIE makes quotation(mold fee,sample fee and mess cargo price) → Both parties sign the contract for sample → Designer pays for mould fee → ANJIE produces samples → Designer confirm the sample → Both parties sign the contract for mess cargo → Designer pays for adcance payment → ANJIE produces mess cargo → Designer inspect goods and pay off balance payment → ANJIE delivers goods.
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