Haining Anjie Composite Material Co., Ltd. was established in April 2004, covers an area about 8,000 square meters, college education accounted for more than 50% of the total number of employees, is a high-tech fiber application development, production and sales in one technology Type enterprises. The company is located in Haining, Zhejiang.
Since the founding of the company has access to "Haining City Youth Civilization", "Jiaxing City business model", "Zhejiang Province science and technology SMEs," the honorary title. Alibaba recommended the company to participate in the Shanghai World Expo will showcase the joint venture of private enterprises, contractors over Fujian and Zhejiang Province annual meeting of Building Reinforcement.The company has passed IS09001 quality management system certification.
The company produces carbon fiber series, basalt fiber series, aramid fiber series reinforcement reinforcement materials, due to excellent performance, accepted by domestic market and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other places. Company's existing special loom, ribbon machine, stitching machine, puffing machine, short cutting machine, pultrusion equipment, composite equipment and self-developed hot-melt adhesives line machine, product quality strictly in line with national and industry standards.
The company has an independent research and development centers and well-equipped laboratories, is responsible for the company's new product development and product testing. Company 's existing 10 registered trademarks, has declared a total of 41 patents, has been through the invention of six patents, utility model patents and appearance of the 13 patents nine. The company has declared 14 provincial-level new products, has eight acceptance. The company's research and development of the basalt fiber production line has been successfully put into production.

Companies pay attention to team-building, since its establishment has been "customer first, teamwork, embrace change, integrity, passion, dedicated" business philosophy. The company has a football field, open-air cinema, outdoor development base, organize regular staff to carry out various activities, and participate in the local public welfare undertakings, built a strong corporate culture and social dedication of the enterprise team.

In 2019,JiangSu Nonchaoer Composite material Co.,ltd was founded.factory located in the High-tech industrial park.Jianhu City.Jiangsu Province.total plant area 18188sqm,it is expected to be put into production in 2021.

The company is currently in the declaration of high-tech enterprises, the next two years will also be listed on the new board, the company's goal is to become the industry leader.


Chen Jingbo, general manager of Haining Anjie Composite Materials Co., Ltd. In 2000 graduated from Haining Institute of Technology (formerly Haining technical school) textile preservation professional. After graduation in Zhejiang Jin Da Co., Ltd. electrician, mechanic. After three years in the Beijing Aerospace Technology Materials Research Institute 703 engaged in product development work. Then with the spirit of craftsmen back to his hometown began to start a business.

2004 founded Haining Anjie composite materials limited Co.,Ltd, in order to improve their management capacity, entered the Zhejiang University School of Continuing Education for a period of four years of study. Has been named "the most beautiful rural good youth", Jiaxing City, "entrepreneurial typical", "Zhejiang good" nomination, "Zhejiang Province, architectural decoration industry outstanding entrepreneurs", 2016 Haining good people, 2016 annual national textile industry top ten pioneers, 2016 annual national chemical fiber industry scientific and technological innovation figures.
During the period, more than 30 papers were written in new material papers, and four papers have been published in professional magazines and essays. And the company's R & D center to declare a total of 41 patents, has passed six patents, utility model patents and appearance of nine patents.
In response to the Zhejiang Provincial Committee to Governance of sewage, the company invested more than three million yuan of research and development funds, research and development of carbon fiber ecological grass. Carbon fiber ecological grass in Haining and Jiaxing areas have been widely used, flood control effect is obvious, but also by Haining TV, Jiaxing TV and Zhejiang TV related special reports.
The company and the Haining City Mission confrontation, Haining City, 12 township streets free of charge put 14 Gongqing demonstration river, put the river area total of 12,850 square meters, put the ecological grass 11315 string, the amount invested about 1.2 million.
Invested 2.3 million yuan, the establishment of football, open-air car cinema and outdoor development base of each one, enrich everyone's spiritual life, service enterprises and social groups, to build a strong corporate culture and dedication to the community business team.
Chen Jingbo on their own and the company has a higher demand, has declared the national high-tech enterprises, launched a new three board listing process.


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